Examining Ethics is an ethics podcast produced by The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University.

Everybody wrestles with questions about ethics. Some questions of ethics are easy to figure out. Should I murder someone? No! But other questions are more difficult to answer. Examining Ethics doesn’t provide answers to ethical dilemmas, but instead leaves listeners with an arsenal of tools that will help them think critically about the ethical questions that arise in everyday life. We aim to produce accessible, open-minded content about ethics. We feature interviews with ethics experts about their work. We also tell the stories of everyday people and how they wrestle with ethics.

Andy Cullison, the director of the Prindle Institute, hosts the show. Examining Ethics is produced by Sandra Bertin and Christiane Wisehart.

The views expressed in these episodes reflect the opinions of the individuals who voice them, and do not represent the opinion or institutional position of either The Prindle Institute or DePauw University.