What are achievements and how should we think about them? How should we talk about them?

Philosopher Gwen Bradford’s work on the nature of achievement inspired us to talk about the ethics of naming achievements for other people. Can you tell someone they have achieved something if they don’t think they have?

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Show Notes:

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Should society always follow the wishes of the dead?

Listen to friend of the podcast Barry Lam dissect this question in the first episode of his new podcast, Hi Phi Nation.

We’ll be back with regularly scheduled programming on February 22nd, 2017.

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Summary: In this episode, we tackle the question, “Can Animals Be Moral”? Our host, Andy Cullison interviews philosopher Mark Rowlands to get his perspective. Join us on the journey from animal videos on YouTube to metaphors that liken humans to mindless corks bobbing on a sea. We will leave you with not only questions regarding the morality of animals but also, what should you do if they are moral?

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